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May 07, 2015



Thank you for this Mother's Day treat...your Mother is especially caring and it appears that she is able to cut out the "heart of the watermelon" (the seedless and sweetest part of the watermelon) in life. My Mother was a wise woman, she passed away suddenly in 1998...her 5 grown children lost their permanent address(smile)...when I was a young married and talking to my Mother about our bills and what to pay first...she said to me..."pay your mortgage first, Macy*s cannot take your house"...simple words of wisdom and experience...had to learn how to live a new normal life without my Mom in 1998...she would be 95 this year had she lived...

Ann Kronen

What a beautiful, beautiful homage to your lovely, caring mother. Thank you for sharing, Steve! Tell her that in my book, good social workers are saints.

Steve Leveen

Dear Cassandra and Ann, thanks so much for your sweet words of wisdom. Ah, yes, moms...Hugs, Steve

Amy Miller

I can attest to the influence of Steve's mother as he is known among my colleagues to be a person who cares about others. Many of us have been impacted by his kind words and gracious nature.
Ada's life was one well lived and one that mattered...beautiful!!!

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