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April 30, 2016


Arturo Fierro

Steve, I appreciate the effort you are making to learn Spanish; I know it cannot be easy. And I applaud your volunteerism; it is a good thing. I learned English as a child in school after immigrating from Mexico with my family. It was not difficult at the time, but I understand it is much more difficult to learn a language as an adult.
Since I can't add accents to write correctly in Spanish, I will continue in English. Any time you want to have a conversation in Spanish, feel free to look me up. P.S. I would translate your title differently: "Hablemos entre nosotros." Your phrase, "Vamos hablar" means "We are going to speak." Also, "el uno al otro" has no direct translation but is closest to the phrase, "each to each."

Steve Leveen

Dear Arturo,
Thank you so much for your kind words and for your corrections to the subjunctive! Where do you live?

Cate Colgan

I love this! I just mentored someone today who applied to become a Lyft driver. He has been in the U.S. for 5 yrs. now but told me the only chance he gets to improve/practice his English is with his 14 yr. old son because everyone he works with speaks Spanish! I was just thinking about how hard it must be to learn for the exact reasons you mentioned, Steve!

I'm going to look further into how we may improve this moving forward by connecting with some local, as well as global, thought leaders. Thanks for speaking out and starting the conversation:)

Steve Leveen


Thank you so much for your note, and I'm jazzed that you're looking to connect with other thought leaders. Please keep me in the loop at SLeveen@Levenger.com All best, Steve

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