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February 16, 2017


Roger Westphal

The Recovering Monolingual

Fred Putnam

Dear Steve,

It's good to hear from you again, and to know that you are continuing your work in these important areas. How about something like this:

"One Language is Never Enough"

with a tag-line from Goethe: "Who does not know another language, does not know his own", or (as I have seen it paraphrased) "who knows only one language knows none".

Blessings on your new endeavour; I wish you well (and my Plumpster continues to draw admiring glances--thanks again!).


P.S. My nineteen-year-old niece has grown up in Montreal, attended a German school, and so has been tri-lingual (English, French, German) for a number of years. She has no idea what a good thing this is.

"We are not yet what we already are" (J. Pieper).

Frederic Clarke Putnam, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Bible & Liberal Studies
Templeton Honors College at Eastern University
1300 Eagle Road | St Davids, PA 19087-3696

Ben Reid

Benefits of Bilingualism.

Of the choices presented, I vote for Becoming Bilingual.

Ann Johannsen

Nice to hear from you again.

My choice is:
> The Journey to Bilingual

Debby Sondheim

Dear Steve,
I have been reading your column for years and enjoying it immensely.
How about the "The B.B." The Bilingual Blessing. or the BBB = Being (Becoming) Bilingually Blessed.
Good luck in all your endeavors.
I teach in a bilingual school. Half the day we speak in Hebrew and half the day we speak in English.

Sincerely, Debby

Claudia Volkman

Becoming Bilingual -- I think it lets the listener know what the show is about and will appeal to those who want to learn another language.

Bill Kennedy

Bilingual Home

As the Development Director of a small rural library in North Dakota, I often share information with our newest citizens. The conversation ranges from job hunting to home remodeling, from China to Somalia. The whole community would benefit from more Bilingual Homes as we offer guidance and encouragement.


Bettina Young

How about "Being Bilingual”?
Loved reading the article!


Becoming Bilingual is a terrific choice! The name easily includes the process and the journey. Best of luck, and I will tune in!

Christine Jernigan

Hello Steve,
I was thrilled to hear about your bilingual work. I wrote a book entitled Family Language Learning: Learn Another Language, Raise Bilingual Children.


If you are interested, we could find a time to chat about it and about your interest in bilingualism in general. I could talk about it all day!

Steve Leveen

Wow, what lovely and thoughtful comments all. Thank you, Fred, Ben, Ann, Debby, Bill and Bettina! Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom... Abrazos, Steve

Keith Wixtrom

Me gusta "Journey to Bilingual" por varias razones. I started learning Spanish in junior high school, nearly half a century ago, and although I have enjoyed many hours of conversations with friends that speak no English, I will never have the same grasp of the language that they do - I will always be on this journey. Secondly, I like "Journey to Bilingual" because in its very essence every really great podcast is a journey shared between the presenter and his audience. Incidentally, your company has always catered not only to those of us who read but also those of us who travel.

Steve Leveen

Dear Christine,
Thank you for your kind words; I just ordered your book and would love to have a conversation about your work encouraging family language learning. All best, Steve

Christine Jernigan

So good to hear, Steve. I look forward to getting your perspective.

Steve Leveen

Dear Keith,
Thanks for your vote for Journey to Bilingual. I agree that it's suggestive and on target. Wishing you the very best on your Journey, my friend. — Steve

Dick Davies

Hi Steve! "Being Bilingual" offers an action, a challenge, and value.

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