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June 21, 2019



It was a great surprise to receive this article; I appreciate the time and effort Levenger put into getting the material out to subscribers! Thank you!


I don’t use fountain pens, and this was still one of the most interesting discussions I’ve received from a retail company.


I carry my fountain pen everywhere. But I haven't been on a plane in many
years. I did not know that about pens so thank you. Alas I will leave mine
at home


Although I typically do not carry a fountain pen daily, nor do I carry one while travelling. I found your article ‘Four Rules for Flying with a Fountain Pen’ incredibly interesting and educational. So much so that I will not only save it to my library folder, but also print it out and most likely frame it because there are parts within the article that actually made me laugh envisioning the situation. Thank you for that.


Thank you! Thank you!!

Having missed the earlier memo, I still love my fountain pens. It took a lot
of travel to figure out what NOT to do. Nice to know I wasn'r alone or doing
something especially wrong.


Question –
What about either of the following…
1/ if using cartridges with a fountain pen, would taking out the cartridge before the flight, and inserting a new one upon arrival solve the issue?
2/ exchange the cartridge with ink for one w/out (ie. Empty) and then insert a new one upon arrival?

Very interested – I do a lot of writing, and enjoy using many fountain pens.


If you use cartridges, it would be a good idea to toss the partially used cartridge in the trash before flying and push in a new one upon arrival. Be mindful, however, that there will still be ink in the feed, that is, in that part between the point of the nib and where the cartridge pushes onto. Best to rise that with fresh water and let dry (it’s a good idea to do this periodically anyway to keep your pens flowing freely). So looking at it that way, taking your fountain pen for a flight is a good excuse to clean it and leave it dry for the flight, starting fresh with new ink—either cartridge or converter—upon arrival. Kind of like traveling with a rollaboard with a change of clean clothes.

Robert Freddie: Lain

I have been writing with a fountain pen since 1954. I now have 36 pens. I use all of them in a mood type rotation. I use Levenger ink for most of them and have bought several of my pens from Levenger. I flew from Salt Lake City, Utah to San Antonio, Texas every week one way or the other for 3 years. I always took my pens or at least 8 of them and never had a problem with any of them. $5.00 scriptos to my $1500 Mount Blanc's. I, in fact, have 6 Levenger pens. I wrote in my journal while flying with no problem. Anyway that is good advice. And Thnak you for very good inks and pens.

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