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July 12, 2019


thomas paciello

Why no link to buy them?

Margaret Moraskie

An oversight on our part! We have updated the post and here is the link for your convenience.

Brenda Shore


Interesting review; your honesty is appreciated with the note that you are a member of the Koss board. My husband ordered this product as a gift for me and honestly, this product is not worth the money if you truly want or need silence. As to sound booth quality of quiet, I would suggest that you go into a sound booth to discern the difference between one and the Peacephones. I am not usually negative in any response but found this product to not do what is intended. As to Levenger's participation, yes, the leather case is great, but please ask them to put something in the box that identifies the product and how to use it. The set I received did not have anything included except a small piece of paper with multiple language explanation of warranty. Are there no instructions or identification of the product available. Anyway, after reading your post I felt it was important for the readers to know that there is a least one opinion and experience that varies from your own.


Dear Brenda,

Many thanks for your thoughtful and honest review. I encourage you to write a review for everyone to see if you haven’t already.

You’re right that sound-booth quality is an exaggeration. I’m going to remove that. In truth, these kinds of passive sound-blocking headphones must be compromises in design. Just last week I had a long conversation with Michael Koss and Michael Koss, Jr. about whether we were providing the best compromise for our customers and how we could improve the PeacePhones.

You can go into Home Depot and buy ear protection devices that passively block more sound. Their downside is that they do this by clamping hard on your head, being bulky and heavy—not the kind of thing you’re going to want to wear around the house or when traveling. We also discussed alternative types of cushions, such as cushions made of fleece or softer cloths. These can indeed be more comfortable, but they allow more sound to come in. The special synthetic leather we use is the best compromise we can come up with yet for limiting sound, while still being super comfortable.

We are working on some more upgrades to the passive sound blocking quality of these phones, including different paints and plugging the unused cable port, among other things.

You’re also right about the lack of a sheet of instructions for the customer. Our mistake; we’ll fix it.

I do hope you’ll continue to try them for a while and I would value your further feedback. As I wrote, I can’t bear to travel on airplanes without them and frequently put them on at home, too.

Thank you for your business and your feedback,


Steve Leveen
420 South Congress Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33445
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