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September 04, 2019



Everything that Steve said here is TRUE. I didn't know they were enter-changeable, but I realized the Pilot refills were a close 2nd in writing quality to the metal German refills. Costco now carries the Foray brand which turns out to be a poor cousin to the Pilot brand. I have two Pilot fountain pens with retractable nibs that I love to use. Thanks for all of the GREAT information here. I just discovered these blogs he has been doing and I have spent the past hour plus reading the last ten. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Shelli Dronsfield

I miss the Levenger EF fiber tip pen refills and have not been able to find a replacement, even through the Pilot G2 options. Recommendations? You had a very faithful customer in me with those refills! :-)

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