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August 10, 2022



Congratulations on 35 years! You've brought us all a lot of joy with your wonderfully unique and "old-school" offerings. The products I own, I've had for years, and they'll be handed down to the next generation. Here's to 35 more years. Cheers to you both.

Jody Noland

I have been a customer of Levenger for decades and couldn’t be more grateful for all that you represent. One word sums it up for me: EXCEPTIONAL. Exceptional products, exceptional customer service, exceptional quality in all that you do.

Thank you, Steve and Lori, for creating and building such an exceptional company!

Pam Maggio

Congratulations on 35 years! I loved your story on customer service. So important.

Heather Hale

We love you, Levenger! ;)
Your reflective pride is well-earned!
CONGRATS on 35 Wonderful years!
I think I've been here for most if not all of them! ;-)
As a professional writer and reader, I love everything Levenger! If only I could win the lottery and buy everything on my Wish List! ;-)

Richard Alan Goldschmidt

I have been buying from Levenger for over 30 years. I purchased your products in three States.
Being in Sales, I generally worked out of my home office. (My latest shipment arrived yesterday).

I have often gifted your products. Thanks for knowing what I needed before I did.

Shanan Roth

Thank you for your dedication to quality, in a time where one-time sales and "who cares about service" seem to be the an increasing trend. I love looking through the levenger catalog (both paper and online), and being inspired by the creative, and nostalgic, products you offer. Keep up the great job, and with great integrity, and I will keep returning as a very pleased customer, year after year!

Daniel Scherb

I’ve been a Levenger customer for 30 years. I’m very happy with the quality products that I’ve purchased from you, and continue to use many of the products on a daily basis. You should be very proud of the company you founded. Good work, and keep it up.

Charles P Tivenan

Fine items, and many already assembled. We have been customers for many years, and will continue to be so. Thank you for your dedication to customer service and quality.

Trisha Williamson

Gosh! 35 years!!
I think we grew up together.
As one who loves to write,and the written word;I've enjoyed your products forever.
My son's,now in their mid and late 30's are fans as well. Your leather pieces and accessories were/are my go-to as graduation gifts and special events. Thanks for the quality, beauty and tradition!

Patrick Bell

Congrats on 35 years of service. I have used your paper products over years because they provide the quality I need when preparing notes. I bought a writing table during the pandemic since we all were working from home. Well, my wife started a small academic therapy business also during the pandemic and I have not seen the table since. I plan on buying one for my mom since she loves doing her personal business while watching tv in the family room.

All the best and continue to provide the quality products that we all enjoy!

Liz Frank

I have enjoyed your products for many years and have many in my collection. I particularly like the variety of handbags you have, several have traveled all over the world. I also love the circa products. They are versatile and make working in many different locations much easier to manage the paperwork. Thank you and congratulations on 35 successful years!!

Mark Roberts

I've been a Levenger's customer for more than 30 years. Have an amazing book stand, a book weight, and much more. Have an obsession with Bomber Jacket items that I am sure I should be in therapy over. Love love love Levenger's. Thanks for being such a wonderful company and congrats on 35 years!

Matt Alley

I don’t know how you found me as a young professional back in 1994 but your catalog was my introduction to a magical world of fine writing instruments and journals and desk accessories that I hadn’t known existed. I still have that first catalog (Christmas, 1994), holding it in my hands right now. I kept it because the cover image of the Parker Duofold Centenial Pearl & Black inspired me to move beyond my (expensive-to-me $40 fountain pens) drop some serious coin for my first nice fountain pen. I’ve had many premium and inexpensive FPs since then, but that original Duofold will always have pride-of-place for me. Congratulations!


M Dawn King

Congratulations on 35 years!!! Thank you for feeding my obsession for pen and paper. I started my journey when I bought my first fountain pen at seventeen. I was overjoyed to find Levenger and bought every Levenger pen (fountain and ballpoint) every time a new color was introduced. I have quite the collection. I just ordered a new one two days ago! Also, I love Circa. I use them for so much. So once again, congratulations and thank you!

William Yonker

It’s simply spectacular that you’ve been providing such excellent materials for 35 years. I’m like a kid at Christmas looking at the toy catalogue every time I get a Levenger catalogue. Sometimes my secretary will “forget” to put it in my stack of mail until after she pores over it! May you continue to enjoy much success as we enjoy the offerings you so wonderfully provide!! Congratulations!!


Wow, how time flies! I can remember going to the Keys and discovering your store in Delray Beach, FLA back in the 1990's. It became my must stop at least twice a year. I even made visiting your stores in Boston and VA whenever I traveled there part of my plans. While I miss the in-store experience, I look forward to receiving your catalogs. Keep it up and thanks for the memories!

Bill Lowery

You first caught me at your shop within Marshall Field's, on the first floor, where I bought a Lamy fountain pen, one I could afford. My indestructible black leather folio came from your store at Tysons Corner, where I failed to have it monogrammed. I miss the store experience but I treasure your love of the written word and what you produce to let us write them.

Anne Meridien (Pottinger).

Hi Steve, I went to Helix High School with you. I love all of your products! I just ordered The Queen’s red leather box. I can’t wait to receive it. Congratulations for your Family’s success. Many Blessings! Anne Meridien (Pottinger).

Liz Frank

I would love to see circa Bucket Journals. The concept is great but would be even better in the circa design. I just purchased master your life in circa to see if it would work. Would definitely like to see the Bucket Journals published in circa design.

Jerry and Kelly Moore

My husband and I have been Levenger customers for about 30 years and everything we've purchased is still in use! Thank you very much for decades of excellent customer service and products of superior quality and usefulness. Blessings to you and yours.

Sue Saubert

My husband and I have been loyal customers for at least 25 years or more. Even though we have more sizes and styles of so many of your products that we do not use as often due to being in retirement, we still look forward to every catalog that arrives and order often.

I love everything to do with high quality stationery products, pens, inks, binders, bags and etc. During my trips to England and Scotland I developed a fascination with the Red Letter Boxes that were on display in Castle tours. I learned about Queen Elizabeth’s Red Letter Box many years ago.

Nothing could have brought me more Joy than when you offered the Red and Black “Queens Letter Box” in your catalog! Forever, my beautiful box will be my most treasured Levenger purchase of all time! Thank you for bringing this very special item into your inventory. As well as including my initials on the beautiful lock I ordered an engraved brass plate with “Queens Letter Box” to announce its historical significance.

Congratulations on your 35th Anniversary. I am sure many of your customers feel the same way that my husband and I feel. We cannot wait to see what surprises you have in store for the future!

With Sincere Thanks and Appreciation to you and your Levenger Team,
Sue and Steve Saubert
Florence, Oregon…a beautiful little tourist town on the Oregon Coast

LJ Anderson

Your Circa calendar and paper changed the way I organize my life and work. I wrote articles and columns for many years, and this was where my brain dump of ideas would go. Levenger was recommended to me by a personal organizer and she said that she’d go to her professional meetings and all the organizers would have one! A good endorsement! Also grateful for Steve’s book and podcasts on learning Español. Always a work in progress.


Congrats on 35 years. Wish you hadn't closed your store in Tysons Corner (near DC)......that was a real blow to us who lived within a 100 mile radius of that store.

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